Advamce webchatapp installation
If you own a platform website and hope your members can chat to each other.
Login your accoutn and get advanced code.
After you click the advanced, you will get your advanced live chat code.
Here we go to intergrate seller part first. Seller here can be refer to any type member
that get messages from visitors or buyers.( or boys get messages from girls)

Just like the example below, use your dymatic server side lanuage to assing your member id and member name(optional) into the SellerId and SellerName part.
The your seller type members can use their own chat room on their member panel
after they login, like this:
Now, we continue to add Buyer chat html code on the products or seller profile or
boys/girls personal public webpage.

Same to add the SellerID and SellerName part to let the chat room connect
to the same seller.

Here comes the buyer part, if you hope it's for all visitors, you can leave the buyerID
and buyerName part blank.

BuyerID and BuyerName are both optional for platform webmaster.

You can decide to fill them or not. If no buyerId or buyerName, it will show as guest
messages to the seller you specify.
After you add the script, buyer can chat via the webpage like this:
You can see examples here:

Seller part:
You will see the example after you apply a free member.

Buyer part:
This example act as buyerID and buyerName blank, so everyone can chat on it.
It's optional, You can use dymatic server script to fill buyerId and buyerName as
you wish.